AWS Migration Competency Partner

Migrations to AWS come with their complexities and challenges, especially since there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Autoverse has the experience and skills to migrate various workloads to AWS. We accomplish this by providing the right consultants, tools, workshops, and technical support to deliver a complete and successful migration. The result will be the acceleration of your cloud adoption journey.

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Advantages of Migrating with Autoverse

More speed and agility

On AWS, a full range of IT services is only a click away. You and your customers can drastically reduce your time-to-market and eliminate long ‘waiting times’.

Better security at a lower cost

On AWS, a full set of security options and solutions is within reach. Security automation and deeply integrated Security services bring better security at a lower cost. The Shared Responsibility Models lets your team focus on the higher-level operating system and application security management. By leveraging an immutable infrastructure, your environment is and stays secure.

Better access to innovation

You can transform your business by leveraging a wide range of reliable and innovative services such as big data, data analytics, and machine learning.

Optimized for cost

Pay only for the resources you use and stop overpaying for resources that do not benefit your business. With AWS, you can monitor and analyze your spending and set budgets and allocate spending where necessary.

Better scaling and elasticity

AWS provides near limitless scaling and computing power. Workloads can dynamically adapt to changes in demand and keep their performance.

Continuous monitoring and automated security

On AWS, you get continuous monitoring for near real-time security information and continuous insights regarding the security posture of your environment. By using security automation and activity monitoring service you can detect suspicious security events and let your environment act upon them automatically without the intervention of a security operator. You get closer to security insights and you do not have to wait for a monthly report.

AWS Migration Success Stories

Database Modernization to AWS
Case Study: Acoustic

Acoustic's Journey from IBM DB2 to AWS Redshift

Our customer's journey to an all-in adoption of cloud database computing.

Case Study: Canadian Financial Institution

Modernizing ETL business process from Informatica to AWS Glue

Our customer's journey out of expensvive Informatica ETL software and onto AWS Glue and other AWS Services.

Database Migration to AWS
Infra as Code Automation
Case Study: Acoustic

Automate the creation of a DB2 HADR Cluster in AWS

Hear how we tackled migrating over 300 DB2 servers to AWS with infrastructure as code automation scripts.

Database Modernization to AWS
Case Study: Acoustic

Acoustic's journey from DB2 DB to Aurora PostgreSQL

Hear our customer's database modernizastion journey to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL and other AWS Services.