Our Google Cloud Partnership

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is the industry leader when it comes to big data solutions. Since Google was founded in 1998, they have been spearheading the big data industry. Principle big data tools such as MapReduce(Apache Hadoop), Google BigTable( Apache Hbase), Google Borg(Apache Mesos), Google Chubby(Apache Zookeeper), Google Dremel(Apache Drill) were all initially invented by Google and later graciously released to the public as open source. Allowing other companies like Apache to pick up and modify the open source code.

It's no wonder why Google is still the big data industry leader today, and Autoverse is proud to be a partner with this excellence. As partners, we are committed to building solutions for optimal and seamless operations. Our partnership and our competency in migrations, data platforms, analytics and machine learning, give our customers the full confidence in ensuring the best solution is built for their needs.


GCP Case Studies

Modernization to GCP
Case Study: Canadian Financial Institution

Modernizing On-premise Hadoop to GCP

A technical guide on what GCP services to pick and why

Case Study: Travel Bidding Website

Oracle Migration to GCP CLoudSQL

Our strategy on how we moved Travel Bidding Company's Oracle data systems to GCP CloudSQL using Striim

Best stories

A look into the future

By 2023, 40% of I&O teams will use AI-augmented automation in large enterprises, resulting in higher IT productivity with greater agility and scalability. - Gartner

"By Making 10% more data accessible, a typical Fortune 1000 company will see a $65 million increase in net income"

- Forbes Online. New Vantage Partners - Big Data Executive Summary