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Your cloud modernization journey awaits. As businesses face unprecedented change, they are rethinking the tools and technologies they use as they migrate to the cloud.

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Proven migration strategies

Moving to the cloud is not just about where your applications and infrastructure are, it's also about how your infrastructure and applications are deployed and managed.

Many organizations start their journey into the cloud with the lift-and-shift approach. Lift-and-shift involves migrating applications, software and database systems into the cloud with little or no modification.

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Even though the goal in a lift-and-shift operation is to preserve all aspects of the current environment, it is important to understand that many changes will still occur. Underlying on-premise services such as networking, security, identity authorization and server types will have to change.

Lift-and-shift allows organizations to initially establish themselves on a cloud platform while attempting to keep a large component of their environment the same. This migration strategy allows efforts to be focused on the underlying services that have to change, and enables a faster move to the cloud. Lift-and-shift operations also keep costs low by eliminating code rewrites and database object changes.

After lift-and-shift, effort is placed on creating cloud-native solutions which exploit features of the cloud computing model such as:

Global Development On-Demand Delivery Pay-Per-Use
Elasticity Scalability

Refactoring to cloud-native technologies enables developer productivity, business agility, scalability, availability and cost savings.

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AWS Migration Case Studies

Database Modernization to AWS
Case Study: Acoustic

Acoustic's Journey from IBM DB2 to AWS Redshift

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Case Study: Canadian Financial Institution

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Database Migration to AWS
Infra as Code Automation
Case Study: Acoustic

Automate the creation of a DB2 HADR Cluster in AWS

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Case Study: Acoustic

Acoustic's DB2 Database Journey to AWS

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Database Modernization to AWS
Case Study: Acoustic

Acoustic's journey from DB2 DB to Aurora PostgreSQL

Hear our customer's database modernizastion journey to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL and other AWS Services.

"Data driven organizations are 19X more likely to be profitiable"

- McKinsey & Company

Data Lake Formation
Mainframe Migration
Case Study: Goverment of Canada

Mainframe Data Migration to AWS S3 Data Lake

Hear how we tackled migrating mainframe data to AWS S3 and how we worked around our challenges.

Modernization to GCP
Case Study: Canadian Financial Institution

Modernizing On-premise Hadoop to GCP

A technical guide on what GCP services to pick and why

Case Study: Travel Bidding Website

Oracle Migration to GCP CLoudSQL

Our strategy on how we moved Travel Bidding Website's Oracle data systems to GCP CloudSQL using Striim