Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Artificial intelligence has become a focal point for the global tech community and has radically advanced the way we use data. Thanks to the rise of deep learning, neural networks and machine learning, we now have methods to teach algorithms how to solve real-world problems which can mimic deductive reasoning, predict future possibilities and detect risk.

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to get the most out of our data by identifying patterns and anomalies. These results build a deeper layer of data analysis which ultimately adds intelligence. The algorithms achieve a high degree of accuracy and automate repetitive learning. All industries from health care to the government have implemented AI solutions for monitoring, target campaigning, facial recognition, prevention, prediction, automatic decision-making and early detection. AI is also used for automation of workflow tasks.

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Deep Learning

Automatic Disease Identification
Drug Discovery
Virtual Doctor

Recommendation Engine

Personal Assistants
Automatic Goods Ordering
Temperature and Light Control
Risk Identification


Incident Detection
Accelerated Incident Response
Home Security

Machine Learning

Speech Recognition
Image Recognition
Personalized Pricing

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Supply Chain
Predictive Analytics on Crops and Harvest
Epidemic Outbreak Prediction
Supply Chain Prediction

Natural Language Generation

Automated Report Generation
Customer Service and Sales ChatBots
Cashless stores
Automated Phone Service

Text Mining

Search Recommendations
Social Media Trend Analytics
Campaign Automation
Influencer Marketing

Prescriptive Analytics

Robot Harvesters
Autonomous Vehicle
Reducing Travel Times with Traffic Analysis
Foot Fail Analysis