Automation and DevOps

'Automate everything' is the key principle of DevOps. Automation is fundamental in streaming consistent, timely and reliable deployment. It accelerates IT transformation with accuracy and is crucial in delivering value to the customer continuously.

DevOps penetrates all segments of IT and is used for continuous integration, testing, and deployment. It is also used for performance monitoring, infrastructure deployment and automation of repeatable processes. It adds daily value by removing manual errors and dependencies, and by minimizing latency.

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Solution Infrastructure Deployment
Automated Environment Deployment
Global Design and Automated Deployment of Services

System Admin

Routine Tasks Automation
Automation of Upgrades and Installations
Cloud-Native Cron Development and Automation


Automatic Security Updates
Accelerated Incident Response
Process Streamlining
Automate Compliance Reporting
Automate Monitoring and Incident Detection


Compliance Reporting
Customer Churn Reporting
Executive Summary Reporting


Enterprise Workflow Automation
Optimize Deployment Pipelines

Common Tasks

Automate Repetitive Tasks
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Convert Crons to Cloud-Native Services

Data Insights

Automate Reporting on Data
Develop New Visualizations on Data
Develop New Data Insights with AI

Data Movement

Automate Streaming of Data
Develop Data Pipelines
Automate ETL